Steve ESPO Powers

The Receipts

Steve ESPO Powers has been making art in the streets since the 80’s, showing art in galleries since the 90’s, and holds a space between the two with his storefront gallery/print shop, ESPO’s Art World, now entering its tenth year of making art and community in Brooklyn.

On the title of the collection, Powers writes, “in an NFT transaction what is being traded is the receipt, not the .gif, so I wanted to make the receipt art. My receipts evoke the iconic long receipt of a certain drug store chain, but they are screen printed, signed and numbered on rag paper. Classy and tangible.”

Collectors who buy an NFT receive a screen printed (4”x23”) receipt. Collectors who buy all three NFT’s can trade in their three receipts for a 1/1 painting (dimensions, materials and delivery TBD by artist and collector, and service is my only product).

The NFT’s are thoughts, the Receipts are the objects, and the Painting is the action. You can have it all.